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Hosting Swiss Datacentre: ASP Solutions

Swiss Holding Company

As IT solutions are becoming increasingly complex, CO-Handelszentrum GmbH has developed a range of flexible and easy-to-use ASP Solutions. Whether a large or small business, our Hosting Swiss Datacentre is used to implement quick, flexible, scalable, secure and cost-effective solutions for Swiss company formation and administration.

Our Hosting Swiss Datacentre enables ready access to a suite of Microsoft applications. Email and other various software applications can be made easily and quickly available to staff, partners and customers anytime, anywhere via a simple internet connection. Our Hosting Swiss Datacentre also allows connection without the need to acquire, configure, install, host and maintain in-house software, hardware or supporting architecture.

This is especially valuable for fiduciary clients who wish to keep commercial information relating to their Swiss company formation and administration, safe and secure. This is because we want to ensure a high degree of confidentiality for every business.

Our Swiss Datacentre ASP solutions come with access to all main MS Office Applications and hosted email. For more information on acquiring our ASP solutions and its pricing, you can contact us here.

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We assist you with the formation of a Swiss Company, including registration, administration and operational services.

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