Located in the Canton of Zug, CO-Handelszentrum GmbH specialises in Swiss company formation and administration services. We incorporate, administer and manage company and business formation in the heart of Switzerland.

We manage Swiss company formation and administration for both international groups and private individuals. Our focus is on company and business formations in Switzerland, but with clients that have international business interests and investment activities. Our clients will benefit from the considerable tax advantages and long term security available when holding either all or part of your company in Switzerland.

Corporate Profile

Although our core speciality is Swiss company formation and administration services, our overall business approach is more holistic with conventional Swiss fiduciary services available.

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Why Switzerland

Being a beautiful, wealthy country with a small population and a relatively low corporate and personal tax regime, Switzerland is at a superior advantage when it comes to Swiss company formation and administration.

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From Swiss fiduciary services to Swiss company accounting services, CO-Handelszentrum GmbH will handle all aspects of your Swiss company’s formation and administration services.

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We offer a full range of Company Formation and Administration Services customised to your specific needs. Established in 2003 we have hundreds of happy customers.

Swiss Company Registration


Our services are available to businesses and corporations around the world who want to undertake Swiss company formation and administration for their international business.

Company Formation Switzerland


We are a holding company in Switzerland but we work in partnership with you to ensure that your Swiss company incorporation requirements go to plan.

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Our more than 15 years of years of expertise allows us to offer your business the highest level of Swiss company formation and administration services.

Swiss Company Formation

We assist you with the Swiss company formation of your international business, including Swiss company accounting services, operational services and Swiss corporate tax services.

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