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Swiss Company Administration Services

Swiss Holding Company

To assist your Swiss company with its formation and administration, we are able to provide the following administration services to clients:

Following your specific requirements, we are able to provide the signing of contracts on behalf of your Swiss company. Including entering into transactions, purchasing and/or invoicing and management of the company bank account (effecting payments and checking for receipts), including periodic reconciliation.

  • Establishing subsidiary companies or investing in associated companies anywhere in the world.
    Maintaining accounting records, posting of all accounting entries and creating financial reports for your Swiss company. This may include balance sheet and profit and loss accounts and debtor & creditor aging reports.
  • Our Swiss company administration services also includes the preparation and filing of all statutory returns (e.g. VAT returns, corporation tax returns).
    Payroll administration for any Swiss based staff including administering deductions for any income taxes, social security, insurances and Swiss pension contributions.
  • Registering your Swiss company for social security and establishing an occupational pension scheme that may be required by law.
  • Administration and/or the forwarding of incoming communications, such as telephone, letters, email and facsimile. This Swiss company administration service also includes the setting up of Swiss dedicated telephone numbers with redirects as required.
  • Other Swiss company administration and formation services include invoicing customers and managing receivable and payable accounts.
  • Financial and operational reporting, available monthly, quarterly & annually)
  • Providing and maintaining a registered Swiss office address.
  • An annual risk assessment of your Swiss company
  • Arranging an annual external audit if required.

Most of our clients stick with us over many years for their Swiss company formation and administration as we are able to cost effectively manage their growth and expansion with a range of professional administration services. We are expert at utilising our own resources and avoiding the need of recruiting additional staff. However, if it’s necessary in effectively managing the formation and administration of your Swiss company, then we are also able to recruit and directly/indirectly manage additional dedicated staff if required.

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We assist you with the formation of a Swiss Company, including registration, administration and operational services.

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