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Swiss Professional Secure Collaboration (PROSECO) is a highly sophisticated and secure (256-bit encryption- ISO27001) environment located in a military grade data centre deep inside the Swiss Alps. Think of it like a Swiss digital bank.

Even though the Swiss PROSECO service is of high sophistication, it’s very simple to set up and administer. The Swiss Professional Secure Collaboration enables users or groups to create a totally secure and encrypted communications platform for depositing, exchanging and sharing sensitive information between designated users.

You can also assign access and user rights such as ‘read only’ and ‘secure print’ to permit varying levels of access and audit trials can also be provided.

We use Swiss PROSECO for our Swiss company formation and administration services because it’s simple and no external software is required during installation. Access to the Swiss Professional Secure Collaboration is provided by an internet connection and encrypted USB key which ensures no trace of PROSECO is being used on the computer.

If you are one of our Swiss company fiduciary clients who are in possession of sensitive commercial and corporate information, you will find that PROSECO is ideal for private information as it’s within a highly secure and confidential environment.

Are you in need of help with your Swiss company formation and administration and want your company-specific data stored in a highly secure environment? Well, we offer bespoke PROSECO arrangements that can be set up for a range of client circumstances. Download our PROSECO brochure here or for more information such as pricing, don’t hesitate to contact the CO-Handelszentrum GmbH team on +41 (0)41 766 31 50.

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