Swiss Holding Company

Swiss Fiduciary Services

Swiss Holding Company

As part of our Company Formation and Company Administration Services we also provide a range of Swiss Fiduciary Services. These include:

Nominee Shareholders

Subscribing for and Registering shares in our name as Nominee Shareholders.

This is used both for the initial incorporation, avoiding the need of the founding shareholders to travel to Switzerland to attend the Notary meeting and for enhanced confidentiality as only the founding shareholders are recorded in the Commercial Registry.

We are also able to continue to hold registered shares on behalf of clients in a Nominee Capacity to maintain confidentiality. This also enables a more confidential system for subsequent transfer of shares between shareholders.

We are also able to act a Nominee Founder Shareholders for incorporations involving the use of bearer shares. The Bearer Shares can be kept by us in safe custody with a Swiss Bank for the account of the ultimate beneficial owner.

Swiss Resident Director

Swiss law requires a Swiss Company to have at least one Swiss Resident Director. It is normal for us to provide one of our senior executives as a Nominee to undertake this role on behalf of our clients.

Safe Keeping

We are also able to arrange high security Swiss Safe Deposit Boxes with Swiss Banks for high value and/or important documents.

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We assist you with the formation of a Swiss Company, including registration, administration and operational services.

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