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Swiss Holding Company

As part of our Company Administration Services we are able to provide a fully managed range of accounting services for your company. This includes:

  • Establishing a dedicated computerised accounting system for your Company. This is normally maintained in English using sophisticated accounting software maintained in our high security data centre in the Swiss Mountains.
  • Establishing and agreeing a Chart of Accounts for your Company.
  • Establishing branded Invoice and/or Purchase Order templates.
  • Maintaining accounts in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations.
  • Establishing accounting procedures with you for the handling sales, purchase and expense transactions.
  • Recording assets and liabilities, sales, income and expense transactions on a regular basis. Periodic reconciliation of all bank and other asset and liability accounts.
  • Preparation and filing of Quarterly Swiss and/or EU VAT returns
  • Preparation and submission of periodic managements accounts and reports to include Balance Sheet, profit and Loss Account, Ageing of Debtors and Creditors etc.
  • Monitoring and reporting on movements of significant financial ratios especially for compliance or tax reasons.
  • Preparation and filing of annual Corporation tax Returns
  • Preparation and Filing of Annual Accounts and preparation of Audited Accounts with Auditors (where required)
  • Maintenance of personnel records including computation, management and payment of salaries and staff social security contributions in compliance with Swiss Law
  • Conducting annual business risk assessments in accordance with Swiss Law
  • Annual business review and preparation of summary annual profit and loss budgets
  • Integration or automation of transaction processing and accounting processes with third party systems.

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