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Swiss Holding Company

As part of our Swiss company formation and administration services, we can provide our clients with a fully managed range of professional Swiss company accounting services which will support you during your international company registration into Switzerland. Our company accounting services in Switzerland include:

  • The integration of a dedicated computerised accounting system in Switzerland for your company. This is normally maintained in English using sophisticated accounting software and fully maintained in our hosting Swiss Datacentre.
  • An established agreement of a chart of accounts to fit your Swiss company formation and digital business administration requirements.
  • Creating branded invoice and purchase order templates.
  • Maintaining company accounting services in Switzerland for businesses in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations.
  • Producing accounting procedures for handling sales, purchase and expense transactions.
  • Recording assets, liabilities, sales, income and expense transactions on a regular basis, including periodic reconciliation of all bank and other asset and liability accounts.
  • The preparation and filing of quarterly Swiss and EU VAT returns.
  • The construction and submission of periodic management accounts and reports. This includes Swiss company accounting services such as managing balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and ageing of debtors and creditors.
  • Monitoring and reporting on movements of significant financial ratios. In particular, for compliance or for Swiss corporate tax reasons.
  • Swiss corporate tax services such as the preparation and filing of annual corporation tax returns.
  • The formation and filing of annual accounts and audited accounts with auditors (where required).
  • Swiss company accounting services for personnel records including computation, management and payment of salaries and staff social security contributions. These will be managed in compliance with Swiss Law and your Swiss company registration requirements.
  • The conducting of annual business risk assessments in accordance with Swiss Law.
  • An annual business review and preparation of summary annual profit and loss budgets.
  • The integration or automation of transaction and accounting processes with third party systems.

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Swiss Company Administration & Accounting

We assist you with company and business formation in Switzerland, including Swiss company accounting services, Swiss corporate tax services and various other administrations to fit your Swiss company incorporation requirements.

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