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Swiss Holding Company

At CO-Handelszentrum GmbH, we are able to provide a host of professional ancillary services designed to assist you in the establishment of your Swiss company formation and administration. Our Swiss company ancillary services include:

List of Ancillary Services for Fiduciary Clients

Swiss Company Administration

We are able to provide high levels of managerial, supervisory, clerical and administrative services to help run and support your business during your formation within Switzerland. This includes customer service staff or supplier liaison. This can be arranged by use of our own staff or other part time or full time staff dedicated to assisting in administration of your business into Switzerland. Our own staff are multilingual, meaning our administration assistance is available in English, German and Russian.

Pricing: Dependent on needs.

Office Space

Domiciliary Company clients normally use a care of ( “ C/O “) address. This can be extended to a full company-specific address (i.e without need for C/O) where a nameplate is displayed outside our offices. Additionally, the office space we can offer you is fully equipped with PC workstations, internet connectivity, telephone, meeting rooms. If you require support services, these can be rented on an ad-hoc basis or on a part/full-time basis, depending on your needs.

Pricing: From CHF 3,000 p.a.

Telephone & Facsimile Services

Our Swiss company ancillary services also include established telephone and facsimile numbers for your Swiss company formation. These can be answered by our multilingual secretarial staff in the name of your company with messages being taken and passed to you by phone or email. Alternatively, we offer auto diverts so that incoming calls and facsimiles are automatically routed to a telephone or facsimile number of your choice. This includes locations inside and outside of Switzerland.

Pricing: From CHF 1,000 p.a.

Email Platforms

During your Swiss company formation and administration, we can set up domain-based Swiss email accounts for named or alias users with your company name. This allows you to correspond with external parties using a Swiss email address.

Pricing: From CHF 10 per month.

Swiss Company Website Creation

Our Swiss company ancillary services also include setting up basic or more advanced websites, including e-commerce solutions to advertise and display, or to provision the services offered by your Swiss company.

We usually recommend that at least a basic website is established for your Swiss Company during formation to demonstrate and reinforce that it has local substance. We are also able to administer websites and online Swiss companies if required.

Pricing: From CHF 2,500 set up and CHF 500 pa. Hosting & support.

The Opening of Private Bank Accounts

Another Swiss company ancillary service we are able to assist with is the opening of private and corporate bank accounts, including the negotiation of ancillary banking services where required. We can provide professional staff for bank meetings and we are able to provide multilingual translation services if needed.

Pricing: Dependent on requirements.

Swiss VISA, Residency & Work Permit Applications

Our Swiss company ancillary services include the ability to assist with arranging Visas for visits to Switzerland. This also includes advising and processing applications for personal, temporary and permanent residency and work permits in Switzerland.

Pricing: Depending on requirements.

Online Access to Microsoft Office Application – ASP Data Centre

Through our high-security ASP data centre in the Gotthard Mountain, we are able to offer you remote and secure access to a range of Microsoft Office applications including Outlook, Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. This includes private and collaborative workspaces enabling you to securely store and share corporate documentation. This facility and all applications are maintained 24/7 and are backed up daily. This Swiss company ancillary service can be accessed anytime, anywhere via a simple internet connection with secure logo in and without the need to install any software locally.

Pricing: From CHF 120 per month, per user.

Accounting and ERP Applications

We maintain client company accounts on our own accounting system and are able to provide a full range of accounting services. These include bookkeeping, bank account reconciliation, customer invoicing, supplier payments, VAT, payroll, preparation of annual accounts, corporate tax returns etc. We also provide either monthly, quarterly or annual management reports which can be provided based on your requirements.

In certain cases, we can also host this Swiss company ancillary service via our data centre which is a dedicated accounting/ERP software for your Swiss company. Our accounting data centre can also be accessed remotely in a similar way to the Microsoft Application mentioned above.

Pricing: Dependent on Application.

Dedicated Application Hosting

In addition to the above hosting ancillary services which will be included in your Swiss company formation and administration, the environments configured to your specific needs are also available for corporate servers via our Gotthard data centre.

Pricing: Dependent on requirements.

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